Environmental and Social Governance


ODIN represents our focused dedication to helping guide the energy industry into a safer, more responsible, and sustainable future.





ESG Factors Elevate Corporate Governance, Environmental and Social Responsibility

As ODIN EPC transitions to a future in energy development that is sustainable and more environmentally and socially responsible, we understand that the three pillars of ESG are crucial to positive success. We are making great strides in developing. implementing and maintaining accountablity in corporate governance, lowering environmental impacts and ensuring that diversity and inclusion, along with social responsibility, touch every aspect of our operations.

ODIN EPC ESG Carbon Reduction

ODIN ESG Program – Corporate Sustainability – GHG Reduction

We established a GHG Reduction Goal in 2016 to decrease energy consumption so that our carbon footprint would be as light as possible.  A few of the measures we have taken and their results include:

  • 8% annual consumption reduction goal from 2016 to 2021 (40%)
  • Exceeded goal at 48% consumption decrease from 2016 to 2021
  • Energy Saving Measures Established – Who, How, Where
  • ODIN moved offices in 2019 to help support its energy goals
  • ODIN reduced company vehicles from 2016 to 2021
  • ODIN changed to hybrid office reporting philosophy
ESG - Odin Social

ODIN ESG Program – Social Responsibility – Giving Back and Giving More

We have always believed that giving back and doing great works for others is an important and fundamental corporate responsibility, as well as a personal responsibility.  A few of the actions we have and continue to take include:

  • Direct Donations to Non-Profits
  • Volunteer Events
  • Employee Benefits
  • Waste Reduction

Whether ODIN is supporting local charities like the Special Olympics at Eversource’s event or speaking out at industry conferences, we take our commitment to environmental social governance seriously.

ESG Diversity and Inclusion

ODIN ESG Program – Diversity and Inclusion

In 2017, ODIN EPC established a Diversity and Inclusion Goal. The role of Diversity and Inclusion is paramount in ensuring the positive stewardship of a sustainable future. A diverse and inclusive team brings varied backgrounds and experiences that lead to exceptional creativity and innovation within the industry. In this area, we have seen many improvements.

  • 3% annual diversity improvement goal from 2017 to 2021 (12%)
  • Exceeded goal at 26% diversity improvement from 2017 to 2021
  • Diversity Improvement Measures Established
  • Active recruiting leading to 43% diversity within leadership team
  • Retention through hybrid work environment, performance appraisals, work-life balance, appropriate training
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