Responsibly Sourced Gas – What is RSG?

Responsibly sourced gas (RSG)

Responsibly sourced gas (RSG) is produced natural gas that has undergone a third-party assessment of a gas operator’s environmental stewardship and operational excellence. Most third-party certifiers, like Project Canary for example, evaluate environmental impact across air (methane intensity), land, water and community.

The International Energy Agency recently updated the Global Methane Tracker stating that due to the elevated price of natural gas today, nearly all of the options producers can implement to reduce emissions on their systems can be implemented at no net cost. Now is the time to make these investments.

Reducing methane emissions from natural gas production is one of the most impactful ways to limit the effects of climate change because of its potency as a short-lived greenhouse gas.

Project Canary, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, is the leading certifier of responsible operations and verified climate data (RSG) and insights throughout the energy supply chain. The company provides science and technology-backed emission profiles for participating companies using continuous monitoring technologies and per-well assessments alongside sensor choices, as long as the data feed is robust.

Project Canary’s measurement devices, known as “canaries,” are installed at production pads and then synced with a real-time dashboard, allowing operators to track methane emissions, identify possible leaks and provide accurate, measurable data to their production.

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