Energy Project Capabilities

Evolution of Capabilities - Design/Build, EPCM, or EPC Risk

ODIN has a history of focused skills and knowledge that has been applied to controls systems, natural gas piping stations, liquefied natural gas and cryogenic facilities, and renewable energy infrastructure. Starting in 1996, our team began to build EPC natural gas and LNG facilities evolving with the energy marketplace into renewable initiatives. Our team is built to solve mechanical, electrical power, controls, civil and structural challenges. Design/Build, EPCM, or EPC Risk, ODIN will support any portion, or all, of your energy project.

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ODIN EPC - Operational Territories

Professional Engineering Geographic Capability

ODIN is pleased to provide Professional Engineering stamping services for Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Civil, and Structural as required across 17 states including:

Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Project Capabilities - The expertise to handle your energy project

Natural Gas and Cryogenic (Liquefied Natural Gas) Facilities

ODIN has worked with many regional natural gas facilities from concept to complete. In addition to building as EPC the Towanda LNG plant, ODIN can conceptualize new or expansion locations with site renderings, budget, layout, schedule, and design using 4D methods to optimize construction and reduce costs and timeline. We have also generated 3D models and scans of existing facilities to document as-built records or for integration with new upgrade or expansion projects.

Hydrogen Injection and Blending into Natural Gas Distribution Systems and Hydrogen Vehicle Refueling

ODIN has been selected by a major utility as the first engineering and construction company to support Hydrogen Injection and Blending into a Natural Gas Distribution System in the United States. The concept behind injecting renewable hydrogen into the existing natural gas piping infrastructure is to further improve the carbon footprint of natural gas to heat homes which is already much better than an oil or coal alternative. Hydrogen and Natural Gas delivered through the existing massive natural gas infrastructure promotes a cost effective solution to support carbon reduction goals.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

ODIN works and has experience with the RNG equipment that is utilized to convert methane emissions to natural gas. We support lifecycle project development including, collection, pre-treatment, launcher/receiver pigging, filtering/separation, metering, heating, pressure control, odorization, and blending into the distribution system. Learn More About RNG and ODIN’s related experience.

Grid Modernization

ODIN has a large number of projects with all of the major regional utilities to promote modernization of the natural gas energy delivery system. We provide a unique team with experience in electrical power, civil survey, mechanical gas systems, controls, and data acquisition. ODIN has produced and implemented a best in class standard of operation for natural gas and cryogenic facilities. View one of our Plant Modernization and Controls project at Holtsville Long Island New York Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant

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