The Complexities of the Electric Grid

The electric grid

5 February 2024

Few energy experts are as respected and knowledgeable as Robert Bryce. His articles appear in all major media and energy-related periodicals and websites. He writes with regular frequency on his substack. And, he is a frequent Congressional expert for energy related testimonies and/or insights.

Mr. Bryce has taken the time to distill down into ten pictures a decent understanding of our power grid. He gives us these ten charts and says they are not the definitive explanation of the electric grid, “instead they are an effort to help readers understand the thingness of the thing we call the electric grid.”.

Regardless of the source of the power, how it arrives at our homes, factories, stores, and/or places of work is outlined below. Mr. Bryce also provides some wry commentary on the importance and fragility of this  “… Most Important, & Most Complex Energy Network”.

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