Introducing ODIN Secure

ODIN has developed unique partnerships to offer one integrated security design philosophy for our clients, ODIN Secure.

Ensuring the security of our energy infrastructure is crucial for several reasons:

  • National Security: Energy infrastructure plays a vital role in the stability and security of a nation, thus, disruptions or attacks on energy systems can have severe consequences. A secure energy infrastructure helps safeguard your family, your business, your community and the country’s critical assets, reducing vulnerability to external threats such as cyberattacks, physical sabotage, or natural disasters.
  • Economic Stability: A secure energy infrastructure is essential for maintaining economic stability and promoting growth. Energy is the lifeblood of modern economies, powering industries, transportation, and households. Any disruption to the energy supply chain can have far-reaching economic consequences, leading to production losses, supply shortages, increased costs, and reduced competitiveness.
  • Environmental Protection: As the world focuses on transitioning to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, the security of our energy infrastructure becomes even more critical. Both traditional, reliable sources of energy along with renewable energy systems, are becoming increasingly integrated into the grid, along with energy storage technologies. Ensuring the security of these systems is vital to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, or manipulation that could compromise their performance or compromise the integrity of the energy transition. A secure energy infrastructure protects our environmental investments and helps facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future, minimizing potential setbacks and ensuring a sustainable energy landscape.

Recognizing that our energy infrastructure is frequently under attack, both from physical as well as cyber threats, ODIN has decided to address risk mitigation. With research, it quickly became obvious that the areas are intertwined.

ODIN has developed unique partnerships to offer one integrated security design philosophy for our clients, ODIN Secure.  ODIN Secure was developed to support utilities in managing energy asset vulnerabilities in physical environments, SCADA and network systems.

To find out where you stand in industry preparedness, take the Pathway to Risk Intelligence assessment. See where your facility stands.

ODIN Secure demonstrates our capabilities that include:

  • SCADA-based Operational Technology (OT) through our unique knowledge of communications in the utility industry.
  • Infrastructure Technology (IT) through our best-in-class partner Fellsway Group.
  • Physical Security through our product and design partner ENE Security systems.

The ODIN Secure team can provide stand-alone efforts or services that are integrated with complete facility projects. We work with your utility standards or can provide industry standard turn-key designs.

Our experience includes assessment of infrastructure security, communications between components and central monitoring systems, infrastructure technology, perimeter fencing, manway and vehicle gates, doors alarms, lighting, and video surveillance.

A secure energy infrastructure is essential for national security, economic stability, and public safety. It protects against threats, ensures uninterrupted services, and supports the functioning of modern societies.

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