Natural Gas is the Hero of Super Bowl LVII

Super Bowl LVII - Natural Gas

ODIN EPC, Inc. has been a proud member of the American Gas Association (AGA) for many years. We wanted to share this AGA post regarding the Super Bowl LVII and the way the state of Arizona has benefited from natural gas. We have posted a few snippets and hope that you will visit the original post.

“Believe it or not, natural gas is the number one source of energy consumed by the state, and it’s the number one fuel source that generates almost half of the state’s electricity. Natural gas fuels more than 1.25 million Arizona households, and businesses are using even more of it. Since 2010, natural gas use by commercial customers has increased by more than 10 percent. The natural gas industry also supports nearly 40,000 jobs in the state.

Just as a good quarterback needs a reliable offensive line to protect him from the defense, a Super Bowl host stadium needs reliable energy. Unplanned outages only affect about 1 in 800 natural gas customers per year. In contrast, electric distribution systems average one outage per year per customer.

The Super Bowl MVP often boasts an X Factor that sets him apart from the rest of the roster. So, what’s natural gas’ X Factor? In Arizona, the increased use of natural gas has led to a 11 percent decrease in emissions since 2005. That’s worthy of MVP recognition.”