PHMSA Awards $200M in Grants

Working with PHMSA

PHMSA Awards 200 Million Dollars in Grants

Here at ODIN, 2023 brought a renewed focus on safety and security, as it relates to our energy infrastructure. So much so that we have initiated a campaign called ODIN Secure to encourage optimal integration of safety and security into engineering projects, addressing operational, physical, and network concerns.   When evaluating station and pit designs, and more, we think it is important to consider securitization of hardware, software, and modernized equipment, as well as physical access control and monitoring.

Ensuring the security of our pipeline infrastructure is of paramount importance.  As a result, PHMSA, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, Department of the DOT, recently announced that $200M in grants were to be awarded specifically for assisting in the investment of upgrading municipalities’ pipeline infrastructure. This round of grants represents only 20% of the $1B allocated over the next few years.

Many municipalities sent in first round requests and 37 were granted funds. In the six states of New England, four out of five were awarded grant monies for their planned projects:

  1. HG&E (Holyoke Gas & Electric) receives $10 Million Grant Award to improve aging infrastructure
  2. Town of Wakefield has been awarded a $1.3 million grant by the U.S. DOT’s PHMSA
  3. WG&E awarded $10M federal grant to replace aging natural gas lines in Westfield
  4. Norwich gets $10 million in federal grants to replace aging gas mains

Each of these worthy recipients, as well as ODIN, are also members of the American Public Gas Association, APGA, an excellent organization for training, information dissemination, and energy advocacy. APGA held information sessions to ensure each of the municipalities were able to position their needs as clearly and compellingly as possible.

At ODIN, we are highly focused on safety when it comes to modernizing energy infrastructures. The second round of taxpayer-funded PHMSA grants is coming soon and we see only great things coming from this.  Please contact us to help address your infrastructure safety and security needs.