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The following is a representative sample of ODIN’s clients and projects which include engineering, procurement, and construction services.

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Ron Bevacqua, Senior Vice President
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Eversource Derby Gate Controls Upgrade
ODIN designed, procured, and installed the two control cabinets and integrated them into the overall station modernization upgrade. Throughout installation and commissioning, ODIN provided oversight, engineering, and construction management services.

Eversource Derby Station Upgrade
(NG, Controls)

Ludlow LNG MRL Facility Compressor Controls
Eversource LNG was looking to upgrade the current control system on the main refrigerant liquefaction compressor at their Ludlow MRL Facility. This controls modernization was to upgrade the pneumatic system to a programmable logic-based system.

Eversource Ludlow Controls
(LNG, Controls)

National Grid, Holtsville KPI
National Grid desired a consultant for deployment of a Software as a Service (SaaS) product that permits visualization and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the Holtsville LNG facility on Long Island New York.

NGrid Holtsville KPIs
(LNG, SaaS KPIs)

Avangrid ME M&R Station<br>(NG, M&R)
ODIN was selected to provide engineering, design, and construction services for the replacement of the regulator inlet block valves at the Pownal Metering and Regulation (M&R) station in Maine.

Avangrid ME M&R Station
(NG, M&R)

Eversource Multi-Story Facility (NG)
A major northeast utility sought an experienced engineering firm to provide Owner’s Agent services for a unique multi-story regulation station and associated piping. ODIN was contracted to provide Construction and Project Management oversight during all stages of building and commissioning of the facility.

Eversource Multi-Story Facility (NG)

Zero Carbon Fuel - HyGrid Hydrogen Blending
ODIN has been selected by a major utility as the first engineering and construction company to support Hydrogen Injection and Blending into a Natural Gas Distribution System in the United States.

NGrid Hydrogen Blending
(NG, Controls)

National Grid Holtsville<br>(LNG, Controls)
EPC services were provided for the Holtsville Long Island New York Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant to upgrade and modernize their control system (CSU) and automate their emergency plant shut-down processes (AESD).

ODIN was selected to perform engineering, design, procurement, construction, controls, commissioning, and integration with plant operations.

NGrid Holtsville
(LNG, Controls)

PSEG Central<br>(NG, Controls)
PSEG needed a new regulation facility due to reliability and aging issues. ODIN engineered filtration, preheat, flow, and regulation infrastructure. As on-site engineer, ODIN supports site construction through answering requests for information, monitoring quality assurance and quality control, and representing PSEG on the job site daily.

PSEG Central
(NG, Controls)

Berkshire Hathaway Towanda (LNG, NG, Controls)
Dominion Energy’s, Niche LNG (now Berkshire Hathaway Energy), sought to build a merchant LNG facility in Northern Pennsylvania to distribute Marcellus Shale nationally.

ODIN managed and commissioned a full EPC installation for the Towanda LNG Facility including a 50,000 gpd Chart liquefaction system and 3-60,000 US Gallon bullet tanks.

Berkshire Hathaway Towanda (LNG, NG, Controls)

Avangrid TPS FERC<br>(LNG, Controls)
Avangrid/Southern Connecticut Gas’s Milford plant (TPS) sought to replace their boilers and vaporizers requiring Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approval.

ODIN was selected as full EPC installing and commissioning the new equipment to increase throughput and enhance system reliability.

Avangrid TPS FERC
(LNG, Controls)

National Grid Salem AESD<br>(LNG, Controls)
National Grid sought a partner to assist with the replacement of their automated emergency shut-down devices at their Salem, MA LNG facility.

ODIN was selected for design, electrical, and field construction support and commissioned the replacement of the AESD system including some SCADA components and programming.

NGrid Salem AESD
(LNG, Controls)

Eversource Woodland Station<br>(NG, Controls)
Eversource sought a company that could design a rebuild of their existing Woodland regulator station in Westwood, MA.

ODIN submitted the successful bid to provide engineering services of the rebuild. This project is commissioned.

Eversource Woodland Station
(NG, Controls)

New Jersey Natural Gas<br>(LNG, Controls)
New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG) sought to conceptualize, design, fabricate, construct and commission a new liquefaction system for their Howell, NJ LNG storage facility.

ODIN provided full EPC services and commissioning for pre-treatment, liquefaction, and truck loading to enable greater system efficiency and resiliency for NJNG operations and rate base customers.

New Jersey Natural Gas
(LNG, Controls)

ESNG Daleville Station<br>(NG, Controls)
Eastern Shore Natural Gas wanted to expand the capacity of their Daleville Meter Station with Columbia Pipeline Group (TransCanada) to increase their ability to serve pipeline customers.

ODIN provided full EPC of the 2,000-foot lateral and measurement and regulation facility including engineering, fabrication, construction, and commissioning.

ESNG Daleville Station
(NG, Controls)

Avangrid Bowdoin Station<br>(NG, Controls)
Avangrid/Maine Natural Gas (MNG) sought to upgrade their Bowdoin meter station to increase the flow due to higher demand in the local community.

ODIN provided both temporary and permanent measurement and regulation facilities with heating (boilers) as well as fabrication and field installation of the equipment through commissioning.

Avangrid Bowdoin Station
(NG, Controls)

Enbridge Peekskill Station<br>(NG)
Enbridge sought an EPC contractor to provide the turnkey delivery of a measurement and regulation facility for an interconnect with ConEdison in Peekskill, New York.

ODIN provided full turnkey EPC services including preliminary engineering, final design, material procurement, fabrication, field installation, and commissioning of the facility.

Enbridge Peekskill Station

City of Monroe Gas<br>(LNG, Controls)
The City of Monroe sought to build a greenfield LNG peak-shaving facility with some used repurposed equipment.

ODIN provided full engineer of record design and commissioning services to build and start the vaporization, trucking, and storage plant.

City of Monroe Gas
(LNG, Controls)

Avangrid Berkshire Gas<br>(LNG, Controls)
Avangrid/BGC sought a company that could design, build, and install a second vaporizer at their Whately, MA Plant.

ODIN provide full EPC services for the Vaporizer including the detailed design, fabrication of components, field installation, and commissioning.

Avangrid Berkshire Gas
(LNG, Controls)

Greenville Utilities Gas<br>(LNG, Controls)
GUC has had pressure constraints as their system has grown creating the need for seasonal peak-shaving support through vaporization of stored LNG.

ODIN originally built the GUC LNG peak plant via EPC with vaporizers, trucking, and 2 bullet tanks, but also executed 2 more plant expansions resulting in 6 tanks overall.

Greenville Utilities Gas
(LNG, Controls)

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