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The following is a representative sample of ODIN’s clients and projects which include engineering services.

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Iroquois Pipeline Solar Feasibility Study
ODIN was engaged by Iroquois Pipeline Operating Company to perform a Solar Feasibility Analysis on seven (7) compressor station facilities located throughout New York and Connecticut.

Iroquois Solar Feasibility Study

National Grid Greenpoint LNG Generator Replacements Brooklyn, NY
National Grid (Ngrid) sought to upgrade the back-up power for their existing Greenpoint LNG Peak Shaving Facility located in Brooklyn, New York.

Greenpoint LNG Generators

National Grid Thermal Protection
National Grid desired a consultant to engineer a thermal protection system that would protect their LNG tank assets at the Salem, Lynn, and Providence LNG facilities.

National Grid Thermal Protection

PPL Rhode Island Energy<br>Laten Knight<br>Station Upgrade
PPL, Rhode Island Energy (RIE) desired a consultant to design an upgrade to provide additional capacity and safety features at their Laten Knight regulation facility in Cranston, RI.

PPL, RIE, M&R Station Upgrade
(M&R, Controls)

Enbridge Brewster, NY Southeast Compressor Station (NG, Controls)
Enbridge, Inc. Algonquin Gas Pipeline desired a consultant to design a turn-key package to compliment the installation of two (2) new Solar compressors at their Southeast facility.

ODIN was engaged to provide engineering and design services to support the new compressor installations.

Enbridge Compressors
(NG, Controls)

Enbridge, Inc. Algonquin Gas Pipe. 
Enbridge, Inc. Algonquin Gas Pipeline is evaluating station assets with auxiliary system and controls upgrades to ensure reliability and operability of compressor packages.

ODIN was engaged to provide engineering and design services for the installation of six (6) electric gas booster pumps to support the compressor seal gas system.

Enbridge Booster Pumps
(NG, Controls)

Eversource - Gate Station SCADA Standardization Design (NG, Controls)
Eversource had a goal to upgrade and standardize their gate station communication signals and functionality for their system control and data acquisition (SCADA) monitoring and operations control room.

ODIN provided designs to both modernize and streamline instrumentation and controls for Eversource’s broad base of take stations.

Eversource Modernization
(NG, Controls)

Enbridge Unitil Station Design
Enbridge sought to install a new greenfield FERC regulated metering and pressure regulation station for Granite State Gas Transmission, located in South Berwick, Maine. ODIN was selected to provide engineering, design, and construction support services for the facility.

Enbridge, Unitil Station
(NG, Controls)

Kinder Morgan, Eversource - Sutton, MA Station Design (NG, Controls) 
Kinder Morgan sought expertise to design a delivery meter station for a new customer interconnection.

ODIN provided combined survey and engineering services to design a meter station including a gas tap and lateral assembly. This project is commissioned.

Kinder Morgan Station
(NG, Controls)

Expander Design For Enbridge
Enbridge sought expertise to design a low-velocity bypass (Expander) at the inlet of one of their stations to capture any liquid from the pipeline before gas delivery to the client.

ODIN designed a low velocity Expander for Enbridge to capture any potential liquid. This project is commissioned.

Enbridge Expander

PSEG Meadowlands
PSEG desired a consultant to upgrade the over pressure protection system at the Meadowlands facility.

ODIN was engaged to provide engineering and design services to support this effort.

PSEG Meadowlands
(NG, Controls)

Spectra Energy launcher/ receivers
As part of their Integrity Management Program, Enbridge desired to install launcher / receiver barrels on their Algonquin Gas Transmission system. ODIN was awarded the engineering and design of 18 sites located in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts over a 5-year period.

Algonquin Gas Transmission - Launcher/Receivers

Bangor Gas CNG Source Facility

Bangor Gas wanted to supply natural gas via Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to stranded customers in Maine and the Northeast. ODIN engineered, designed, permitted, and provided construction supervision for the Global Partners/OSCOMP Systems CNG source facility.

Bangor CNG Facility
(NG, Controls)

National Grid - Expert Witness ODIN EPC
The Northeast Energy Center project in Sturbridge, MA will be a merchant LNG plant that will liquify Tennessee Gas Pipeline natural gas, store on-site and truck to local utilities.

ODIN has supported the design baseline, initial project renderings, siting assistance, DPU testimony and expert witness and budgetary pricing.

National Grid Expert Witness

Liberty Energy Trust created a commercial arrangement with Philadelphia Gas Works (PGW) to provide a new liquefaction system for their Passyunk Energy Center (PEC) LNG facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

ODIN was engaged to perform a 30% conceptual design for the 120,000 gallon/day liquefaction system.

Philadelphia Gas Works

Exalon Delmarva Plans ODIN EPC
Exelon, Delmarva Power Gas and Light (DPL) desired to create a peak shaving facility within their system including liquefaction, storage, trucking, and vaporization for use during high demand winter periods.

ODIN completed FEED, or 60% design, drawings for DPL. This engagement was completed, and the engineering product was delivered.

Exelon Delmarva

Dominion, through their Niche LLC, desired to identify feasibility, create a design baseline, develop budgetary pricing, and establish a preliminary schedule for a potential project site related to a marine bunkering LNG facility.

ODIN provided Preliminary Engineering which included development of a design baseline, major equipment definition, budgetary EPC cost estimate and preliminary schedule.

Dominion Marine Study

PSEG needed a new regulation facility due to reliability and aging issues.

ODIN engineered filtration, preheat, flow, and regulation in 2021 to be constructed in 2022.

PSEG Central

Pennsylvania based solar developer installing 15MW photovoltaic solar system.

ODIN was engaged to engineer interconnection.

Solar Energy Project Build
(Controls, Development)

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